USA Today

“Now it turns out you don’t even need a golf ball to play a round of golf. With the OptiShot Golf Simulator, you don’t need a golf course, either, yet still play year-round — in your living room, your office or your garage.” USA Today


“This new at-home simulator by OptiShot Golf means players can use their own clubs to take on their friends or test themselves on replicas of major championship venues and other world-famous courses.” CNN


“Don’t want to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a standard golf simulator? Try the OptiShot Simulator, which tracks a golf swing’s entire path with its two rows of sensors on the artificial turf swing pad.” WIRED

Asian Golf Monthly

“What OptiShot Golf is doing for golf is what Apple did for the personal computer. It has taken the dollar and performance mystique out of simulator technology and made it so affordable that practically anyone who plays golf can buy a set.” Asian Golf Monthly

Sports Illustrated

“A company called OptiShot Golf sells a golf simulator .. They allow you to turn your garage into a monster par-5 with a two-tiered green.” Sports Illustrated

Golf Digest

“OptiShot Golf Simulator can improve your swing with the added benefit of providing a fun version of indoor golf.” Golf Digest


“OptiShot Golf Simulator is a great in-home simulation alternative to the multi-thousand-dollar setups.” CBSSports.com

Golf Channel

“The OptiShot Golf Simulator offers simulated golf that you can play inside your house on some of the greatest golf courses in the world.” Golf Channel

GOLF Magazine

“OptiShot Golf’s at-home simulator stands out in three ways: it’s fun, it’s useful and it’s simple to use. All you need is a computer, your clubs and high ceilings.” GOLF Magazine


“Slightly cheaper than building your own golf course, but slightly more expensive (and accurate) than playing Wii Golf, the OptiShot Simulator from OptiShot Golf is perfect for golfers who have allergies, money, room and free time.” Maxim


“The OptiShot Golf Simulator features a practice range and 12 courses. If a player wants to go and hit balls on the range all day long, they can; and if they get sick of that, they can pick out a course and go hit 130-yard shots from anywhere.” Golfweek.com


“The OptiShot Golf Simulator has me halfwishing I had a house in the suburbs with a spacious rumpus room so I could hit the links all winter long.” Time


“Based on OptiShot Golf’s 1,241 percent revenue growth from 2008 through 2011, the company has been named to the prestigious Inc. 500 list as one of America’s fastest-growing entrepreneurial companies.” Inc.


“The OptiShot Golf Simulator will allow Dad to play golf with absolute realism through your laptop computer.” SCOREGolf

Sky Sports

“Wire the OptiShot Golf Simulator to a laptop, swing away and watch your shots instantly display. You could either hit a normal golf ball, strike one of the foam balls provided at a wall or simply swish at an invisible ball.” Sky Sports